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Big Talk Card Game

This is a game of vulnerability, validation, intimacy and identity. It’s big talk about complex topics – a safe space for serious chats. Created with psychologists using Positive Psychology theory. Absolutely zero questions about the weather. Contains mature themes.

  • Identity. We see self-care as a means to develop our identity. This Game provide us with the tools to do exactly that: to live more consciously, authentically, and in line with our true self. They also serve as check-points; acknowledging who we once were and who we want to become. Our identity is constantly evolving, and our values and beliefs explored in this product are what can keep us grounded.

  • The Prompt Cards are printed ethically in China on paper from responsible sources.

  • Vulnerability inspires intimacy. By revealing increasingly personal information about yourself (while others do the same) you’re creating deeper connections between all players. Connecting with others is a core pillar of self-care. By learning about others, we strengthen our understanding of, and develop deeper compassion for others, and ourselves.

  • Inspired by the 1997 research paper, ‘The Experimental Generation of Interpersonal Closeness: A Procedure and Some Preliminary Findings’ (more commonly known as ‘36 Questions to Fall in Love’), we created this game with one question in mind: how can we more intimately connect with the people in our lives? Science told us we need sustained, escalating, reciprocal, personalistic self-disclosure. In other words, we need to answer increasingly personal questions, and then have others do the same. Daunting? Exciting.

  • Play with friends, strangers, or your entire extended family. Take turns asking and answering questions.

  • • Created with psychologists from The Mind Room. • Printed on paper from responsible sources.

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